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Digital Art contest for students

It’s time to launch the From Archive To Alive Digital Art contest for students!!!

FATA – From Archive to Alive is an ERASMUS+ project (No. 2021-1-FR01-Ka220-SCH-000031562).graphic audio-visual

FATA aims to motivate students to explore available audio-visual archives, compare traditional and digital art, learn about their civic engagement and social inclusiveness while raising awareness of environmental issues.

The competition is open to students of Erasmus Plus participating countries and those associated with the programme (list of countries).

The contest is for students aged between 12 and 18 years old; who can either participate individually or in a group with up to 4 other classmates.

Students should submit a piece of digital artwork on one (or more) thesecivic engagement image subjects:

– Civic Engagement 
– Inclusivity
– Environmental Awareness

Each entry must fulfil 3 main requirements:

– To be a work of digital art, therefore containing any type of digital elements (it can’t have a physical form);
– To be based on material found on one or more digital archive platforms;
– To address one or more of the topics of civic engagement, social inclusion and environmental awareness.

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