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Portuguese prize winners celebrated

The Final Archive To Alive event took place in Portugal on 18 October 2023.contest presentation

The Portuguese participants in the @FATA – From Archive to Alive project had a wonderful night, where the teachers that were involved with the FATA project were congratulated and the work done by students using digital archives were presented.

The winning students Luana Silva and Luís Pereira from the school from Agrupamento de Escolas Elias Garcia – Portugal commented:

“We really enjoyed carrying out this work where we had the opportunity to explore various online digital archives, which were undoubtedly very important in the preparation of our E-Book, Memory of the 3Bs, 2020-2023.

The knowledge we gained about digital archives will be useful to us in carrying out future academic work throughout our school career.

The collaboration and dedication of our Class Director, teacher Carla Varela, as well as the rest of the school community was essential in the process of making and voting on our E-Book.

Winning this competition filled us with pride! We were tremendously happy that our excellent class memories and the DAC work we did were appreciated and recognised by everyone.

The contest event was broadcast on local television – so we wish to give special thanks to TV Almada, AE Caparica, Almadaforma, SMAS and Leya (Tiago Barradas)

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Photos: Daniel Ganço