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French contest winners announced

group-winner imageAt the end of October 23, BOREAL Innovation , coordinator of the FromArchive To Alive  project, gathered teachers and students at the Lycée Professionel Célony in Aix-en-Provence, France for the awards ceremony of digital art creation contest.

This high school in AIx-en-Provence won the group category prize of the FATA Digital Artwork Contest, with a creation in the field of Environmental awareness. As they pointed out, the archives show that we have already been warned about climate and environmental issues many decades ago.

The pupils highlighted this feature with newspaper archives showing a digital drawing of the earth burning.

The individual prize was also announced during the session by videoconference.winner artwork

The winning individual art work dealt with inclusion and focused on the need for friendship and bonding in an individualistic society.

To develop the creation, the students used online tools they made into digital files combined with old documents.

The winners explained, “the results were amazing and we were all very proud to have entered a contest like this!

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From Archive To Alive Awards Ceremony in Cáceres (Spain)

In October 2023, EOLAS, the Spanish partner of the From Archive To Alive project, met with the teachers and students of IES Javier García Téllez (Cáceres, Extremadura) to celebrate the awards ceremony of the project digital art creation contest.contest prizes image

Two categories of prizes were awarded in a session where students had the opportunity to explain their creations and interact with each other.

The winners, both in the individual and group categories, shared the themes of their works with the rest of the students. The themes included  diversity and inclusion and the environmental repercussions of the pandemic.

To express themselves on these topics, the students used digital files and online tools, and the results were very interesting!

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The environment Is in You

“If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it” – Johan Huizinga

And it is thanks to technology that we have the possibility to preserve culture, to keep it intact, to escape the wear and tear of time, but above all, we have the possibility to make it accessible to everyone; without limits.

But what is culture, if not everything around us? Indistinctly?
Picture by Romina Arredondo

And how can we preserve it if not by making new generations aware of what is happening, around us? Then the destruction, the fragility, the continuous struggle for survival of our planet is also culture. Climate change and all its dramatic consequences is culture.

This is what the participants of ‘The Environment Is in You’, a contest for students created and promoted by the Global Oneness Project platform, a digital archive of stories, sought to represent.

Indeed, the Global Oneness Project is a free multimedia platform for educators and students. It Is a multidisciplinary library of multimedia stories comprising award-winning films, photos and essays. The aim of the project is to use stories as a pedagogical tool and bring the world’s cultures alive in the classroom.

As explained on their website, the contest invited the students to take a photograph or create an original illustration that documents the fragility, hope, and future of our planet due to climate change.

Many students linked their pictures to the following statement by the writer and environmental activist Wendell Berry: “The environment is in you, it’s passing through you, you’re breathing it in and out, you and every other creature.”

Explore the finalists and winners and a full explanation of the initiative:

Domenica La Greca – Eagle Intuition – Portugal