The objectives of the project’s activities are:

1) For students:

-To motivate them into exploring the European audiovisual archives, with a focus on the EUscreen platform;

-To view their everyday school lessons through an alternative and more artistic approach;

-To have them compare analogue with digital art and incorporate the elements of the latter into their creations;

-To establish a digital and creative mindset;

-To increase civic engagement and participation in community;

-To raise their inclusion spirit;

-To raise their environmental awareness.

2) For teachers:

-To introduce them to a new methods of designing and delivering lessons and projects;

-To be able to motivate their students into exploring the legacy of Europe through archival material;

-To make their lessons more pleasant and interactive;

-To help students remain engaged into the learning process, despite the difficulties that the pandemic brings.

3) For schools:

-To incorporate new learning methods into their curricula;

-To retain extracurricular sources as a significant part of the school’s curriculum;

-To promote dialogue, networking and interaction between schools;

-To add inclusion and environmental awareness as 2 basic elements in their students’ mindset.