audio visual imageAbout Archive to Alive

Archive to Alive will produce an e-learning course for teachers that will show them how to design lessons and projects through the use of the digital audio-visual archives in order to make them more appealing.

Archive to Alive will host a contest where students will create digital works of art that are based on the digital audio-visual archives for example like those provided by EUscreen and will revolve whether around inclusion or the environment, with all the entries being exhibited afterwards in a virtual gallery specifically created for the project and will take the form of a platform. Visit the contest home page 

Project Objectives

The objectives of the project’s activities are:

1) For students:
-To motivate them into exploring the European audiovisual archives, with a focus on the EUscreen platform;
-To view their everyday school lessons through an alternative and more artistic approach;
-To have them compare analogue with digital art and incorporate the elements of the latter into their creations;
-To establish a digital and creative mindset;
-To increase civic engagement and participation in community;
-To raise their inclusion spirit;
-To raise their environmental awareness.

2) For teachers:
-To introduce them to a new methods of designing and delivering lessons and projects;
-To be able to motivate their students into exploring the legacy of Europe through archival material;
-To make their lessons more pleasant and interactive;
-To help students remain engaged into the learning process, despite the difficulties that the pandemic brings.

3) For schools:
-To incorporate new learning methods into their curricula;
-To retain extracurricular sources as a significant part of the school’s curriculum;
-To promote dialogue, networking and interaction between schools;
-To add inclusion and environmental awareness as 2 basic elements in their students’ mindset.

Project leaflet leaflet graphic

Download the project leaflet (translated in the partner languages)

About EUscreen

EUScreen logo

EUscreen is an example of a digital archive portal containing thousands of digital audio-visual items steaming from the biggest European audio-visual archives that provide an insight into the social, cultural, political and economic events that have shaped the 20th and 21st centuries, mainly form the European aspect. Therefore, the platform’s content can be an important collection of resources that can be exploited in education and incorporated in school lessons and projects.